The Future of Cybersecurity

James Hoefnagels | OV English

Every day new elements of our society, both in business and in our personal lives are being connected and digitalized. Formerly ‘dumb’ devices are becoming ‘smart’. While this transition has many benefits, it also brings enormous risks. The security of these devices, networks, data, and our digital infrastructure should be of utmost importance, as the consequences will not only impact our online world but also our physical world. With the rapid pace of change and the constant threat of an attack or an exposed vulnerability, comprehensive cybersecurity is a fundamental requirement for businesses. It is no longer sufficient to be reactive; businesses need to be proactive with their cybersecurity strategy to stay ahead of attackers. This study sheds light on future developments in the field of cybersecurity and what will be important in 2030. Topics such as a quantum-safe strategy including post-quantum encryption, crypto-agility, and quantum key distribution are discussed, along with the role of artificial intelligence and the impact of regulation and certification frameworks.

This study is intended to encourage readers to start taking stock of their current IT systems and infrastructure, their vision for their company in the next 5-10 years, and learning about what it takes to keep it secure and the consequences of various cyberattacks. Cybersecurity should not be viewed as a burden but an opportunity to provide benefits to one’s company beyond security. Security needs to be the primary focus but when done right, other benefits can be gained in addition to cybersecurity.

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