Futures Analyses

In the six-month research processes, at the end of which our futures studies of the respective ThinkTanks stand, we publish the first results as futures analyses. In addition, future analyses result from smaller, independent research projects.

The Future of Industrial Labor

Futures Analysis | Jacqueline Zimmermann | GER

The AI-revolution in art and medicine

Futures Analysis | Daniel Jeffries

Economy and Society in the Metaverse

Futures Analysis | Jan David Ott, Luca Marie Tjaden

Futures Analysis Cybersecurity

Futures Analysis | James Hoefnagels

How brands will develop

Futures Analysis | Julia Lampert

Seven ways to smash the curve now

Futures Analysis | Dan Jeffries

Everyone knows that we must act now to stop the coronavirus.

What our societies struggle with

Futures Analysis

Corona as a catalyst for change

What holds the society together after Corona

Futures Analysis

Social market economy 2030

Thinking ahead

Futures Analysis

Why good corporate leaders get involved in ThinkTanks.