The future of cybersecurity

September 9 & 10, 2020

For the fall we have combined the strategy meeting with our RETHINK IT Session in Stuttgart. Further information and registration can be found on the RETHINK IT page. This strategy session will hopefully take place in personal contact and on site!

October 28 & 29, 2020

Rethink Financial Services

The Future of Regional Banking

Werkbank32 | Mittweida, Sachsen

Many regions in Germany - and around the world - are facing difficulties due to the rapid urbanization that has increased in recent years. However, with the right strategy and implementation, regions can not only address these problems, but also take advantage of unique opportunities to succeed in the future. In our research project we investigate the role banks can play in a regional ecosystem. The following questions relate to this:

  • How will a region look in the future?
  • How will a region use new and emerging technologies?
  • What must be done to make a region attractive for the future and how can local actors join forces to achieve this?
  • What are the unique advantages of a specific region?
  • What does success look like for this region?
  • What are the most pressing demands and challenges in this region?

Each of our ThinkTanks produces two futures studies over a period of 12 months. That is a total of 8 futures studies per year, the contents of which are available to our partner companies in advance.  Before we publish the results of our research, we bring together corporate leaders in the DACH region with like-minded people and experts. In these strategy sessions, the participants reflect, evaluate, select and work on real challenges in order to return to their companies with viable solutions. At these sessions, international guest speakers provide impulses for possible starting points.

Session 2020: The Future of Regional Banking

If you would like to get an impression of the Financial Services session, you can apply as a guest participant for the respective dates and industry focus. As a member of the ThinkTank Universe you are guaranteed a place in every session. The session will be held in German. An English-German translation will also be provided.

NOTE: The session is subject to change. We are continuously reviewing the developments of the current pandemic. When conducting the session, we will make every effort to adhere to appropriate health measures.

Provisional Agenda

Day 1



Soft Start
Business Speed Dating
Speeches by various Experts

Topics and Experts TBA

Aperitif and Dinner

Open End

Day 2



Soft Start Day 2
Welcoming and Summary of Day 1
Study Presentation ‘The Future of Regional Banking'

With subsequent discussion (Presentation by James Hoefnagels, Researcher and Strategist)


(Strategic Outlook TBA)

Method and Application
Presentation and Discussion of Strategies
Summary and Farewell
End of the Strategy Session


James Hoefnagels

In our session in April, James Hoefnagels, researcher and strategist at 2b AHEAD, will present the first results of his research. Furthermore, leading decision makers and experts in the field of regional ecosystems will share their knowledge with us.

Impressions of the previous session

To the 2019 Financial Services ThinkTank Session on ‘The Future of Financial Services’

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