Why companeis need to rethink the way they handle AI ethics

About the AI ethics program of 2b AHEAD

Companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence: whether to better adapt their products to customer needs, to support HR in recruiting, for fraud detection or as personal assistance.  Artificial intelligence is already woven into our entire lives -  there are many opportunities, but the technology also has some risks. AI is only as intelligent as the data it is fed with and it is up to companies to deal with ethical issues before they happen. Simply setting up an ethics committee is not enough: AI cannot deal with theoretical issues, it needs implementable and practical guidelines. Dan Jeffries, Chief Evangelist at Pachyderm and head of our ethics program, explains together with Jan Berger what is important for a practical implementation of AI ethics in companies and what steps are already necessary today.

People like to believe that AI ethics is this universal thing that they can simply apply to their system and magically make everything work. But when you start to realize that people - even within a company - have very different ideas about abstract concepts like "fairness", "diversity" or "transparency", AI ethics suddenly becomes very challenging for organizations. - Dan Jeffries, Director of the 2b AHEAD AI Ethics Program

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