Our homemade method.

The Trendcycle is a method developed by the 2bAhead Research Institute to systematically identify relevant areas and adequate experts for a specific research question. The focal point is to ensure a 360° perspective on the core issues of a study in a business context, and to avoid structural blind spots through assuring quality standards during the process. 


We use this method for:

What is a trendcycle?

A Trendcycle is therefore always a collaborative approach, where a select group of researchers and experts in the field of the research question cooperate to increase the quality and the intersubjective retractability of a study 


During the first step, the current value proposition of the subject of research is defined, followed by its current constraints and opportunities: Costs, Resources, Production, Partners, Customers, Sales and Revenues. 

This detailed snapshot is then followed by a long-term perspective, usually with a time horizon of 10 years. Here, different areas of concern are examined and discussed by the team one after the other. The succession is adaptive and may vary from case to case: Politics & Regulation, Suppliers, Environment & Society, Attackers, Technology, Sales and (Social) Media & Customer Behavior. The main trends and drivers for each of the areas are identified, followed by relevant or crucial actors with the ability to shape future developments.  

Based on this analysis, individuals who serve as potential experts during the waves of questioning and the in-depth interviews of the Delphi method are determined and form a scientific basis to the crucial step of selecting appropriate experts in the field. 

Finally, hypotheses are collected and serve as inspiration for the development of the interview guideline and the value proposition that is revisited in a long-term perspective.