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The Future of Education and Work

with Anabel Ternès

The Future of Mobility #2

with Mario Hansl and
Chiranjeev Kalra

The Metaverse - The Future of the Internet?

with Jan Berger

The Future of Cybersecurity

with James Hoefnagels

AI ethics

with Daniel Jeffries and Jan Berger

The future of Regional Banking

with Leonhard Zintl

The Future of Mobility

with Mario Hansl

The Future of Quantumcomputing

with Rüdiger Pfeiffer

Storymaker: AI and communication

with Jan Berger

Human-Digital Teams

with Julia Lampert

What it means to be a future researcher

with Jan Berger

The Future of Financial Services

with James Hoefnagels

The Future of Software Development

with Jan Berger


with Carina Stöttner

In the Podcast

Carina Stöttner, curator of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTanks, talks to researchers and experts from various industries all over the world about future. The focus of the podcast is on technological innovations as well as social change and their implications for companies.

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