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This session is integrated as a panel into the 2b AHEAD Future Congress. Should the Future Congress not take place due to Corona, this ThinkTank session will take place in a smaller setting (max. 20 persons). As a partner, you can register for both options as part of your ThinkTank membership, independent of the Future Congress. As a non-member of the ThinkTank Universe, you can apply in advance for one of the limited guest places and will receive feedback from us in October as to which of the options is likely to take place.

Brands today assume three basic functions: They offer customers orientation in the information overload of our digital world; they create trust in times of increased uncertainty and they enable an emotional connection, an individual experience or transfer their value as a status symbol to their users.

Brands, however, will be disrupted more than almost any other sector in the next ten years by new technologies, especially artificial intelligence. Individual AI assistants will make the question of orientation and information redundant. They emancipate the customer from 'trust is good' to 'control is better'. This further levels the power gap that has already been eroded by social media. The focus of brands in the future seems to be on emotions, experiences, and status - and on serving AI assistants as a new customer segment.

What new strategies do companies need to implement to meet these challenges? Which more fundamental developments in society will change our understanding of brands in the next ten years? And what does a future look like in which the classic way we interact with brands and how we value them will change dramatically?

Each of our ThinkTanks produces one future study over a period of 12 months. That is a total of 6 futures studies per year, the contents of which are available to our partner companies in advance.  Before we publish the results of our research, we bring together corporate leaders in the DACH region with like-minded people and experts. In these strategy sessions, the participants reflect, evaluate, select and work on real challenges in order to return to their companies with viable solutions. At these sessions, international guest speakers provide impulses for possible starting points.

Input from experts and discussion

Brands and Tribes 2020

Digital regionality 2030

Power relations 2030

Taking a stand 2030

Consistent values 2030

Time 2030

AI as a customer 2030

Transparency 2030

Complex expectations 2030

Brand earth 2030


Julia Lampert

Senior Researcher bei 2b AHEAD

At our  ThinkTank session in November, Julia Lampert, researcher at 2b AHEAD, will present the first results of her research. Additionally, leading decision makers and experts in the field of brands will share their knowledge with us.

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