Thinking ahead

The ThinkTank Universe is a platform for far-sighted, forward thinkers and managers who want to exchange ideas with like-minded people and leading experts on future trends and technologies and think long-term about how they can position their company for the future.

“I am convinced that our corporate leaders would do better if they contemplated less on the past and thought more on the future.”

Origins of our Knowledge

The ThinkTank Universe is the source of the treasure chest of knowledge at 2b AHEAD. This is where the topics, questions and research design of our future studies are defined. The answers to the core question ‘What does a future trend, a technological development mean for my company?’. Our partners are involved in formulating our research assignments.

Six ThinkTanks

We currently operate six ThinkTanks: Financial Services, IT, HR, Retail, Mobility and Health. Each ThinkTank produces one future study per year, each of which has a thematic focus within the framework. Before we publish the results of our research, we bring together corporate leaders of the DACH region with like-minded people and experts. In these strategy sessions, the participants reflect, evaluate, select and work on real challenges in order to return to their companies with viable solutions.


Driving force are future-oriented questions around the following topics:

Technologies and trends

Which technologies and trends will certain companies or industries be confronted with in the future?

What influence do future technologies have on the development of markets and business models?

What impact will a new technology have on traditional market participants?

Market participants

Which actors from which industry will have a significant influence on your own industry in the future?

What shifts in the market structure, what shifts in power are to be expected in your own industry? Which new market participants and competitors can be expected?

How can a company successfully position itself vis-à-vis customers and competitors as an innovation leader in its industry?

Business models

How do future technologies and future business model logics put existing business models under pressure?

How can existing business models be changed disruptively?

How can companies position themselves in a future-proof way in the area of conflict between mass and individualization, traditional and future business models?

Strategy Sessions 2020/2021

Strategy sessions are held once a year for each ThinkTank. They are limited to a total of 30 persons. Partners of the ThinkTank universe are guaranteed a place in each session. The meetings last 1.5 days to allow sufficient time and space for discussions with the experts, exchange of ideas and the development of strategy recommendations.

September 9 & 10, 2020
The future of software development & cybersecurity

Strategy Session RETHINK IT
Stuttgart | AEB

September 13 (pm) & 14, 2020
The future of the social market economy

Strategy session A WORLD BEYOND HR

The future of professional education

Strategy session A WORLD BEYOND HR

The future of regional banking

Strategy session RETHINK Financial Services

The future of brands

Strategy session RETHINK Retail