Rethink IT

The Future of the Metaverse

By 2030 more analog aspects of our lives will be transferred to the digital sphere. At the same time more digital aspects will enter our analog life. The spheres will merge, creating a new level on which we act and interact as persons. 

The main focus of this process will be on the interface between the two worlds. The terms online and offline will lose more and more meaning by 2030. How this will change the economy, but also our relationship to work and leisure, will have far-reaching consequences.

In the metaverse 2030, new forms of interaction and the new negotiation of interaction frameworks play a particularly important role. With new technological possibilities of interaction – between people as well as companies – the need for contact and the way in which contacts are made are developing under new premises.

Some of the central questions for companies regarding the integration of analog and digital levels of reality into a metaverse are as followed:

  • How will the interaction of individuals and companies from the analogue and digital world develop until 2030? 
  • Which new possibilities, technologies and channels will play an increasingly important role? 
  • Which role do voice interfaces and personal AI assistants play in this process? 
  • How does the digital world influence the conscious and unconscious perception of analog reality? 
  • What opportunities and challenges will there be in 2030 to move simultaneously and profitably in these increasingly overlapping spaces?.

Each of our ThinkTanks produces one future study over a period of 12 months. That is a total of 6 futures studies per year, the contents of which are available to our partner companies in advance.  Before we publish the results of our research, we bring together corporate leaders in the DACH region with like-minded people and experts. In these strategy sessions, the participants reflect, evaluate, select and work on real challenges in order to return to their companies with viable solutions. At these sessions, international guest speakers provide impulses for possible starting points.

Research Manager

Julia Lampert

Researcher bei 2b AHEAD

In our session, Julia Lampert, researcher at 2b AHEAD, will present the first results of her research. Furthermore, leading decision makers and experts in the field of regional ecosystems will share their knowledge with us.