Previous ThinkTank Strategy Sessions

Part of our research process is an active exchange with our partner companies in the ThinkTank universe as well as with experts in the respective industries. In this way we want to actively involve our partners in the research process, offer a platform for exchange between experts and companies and at the same time avoid blind spots.

In the thinktank sessions, we work out the next strategic steps together with the attendees. Here you will find an overview of our previous ThinkTank Strategy Sessions.

A World Beyond HR | Berlin | September 14th 2020

The Future of the Social Market Economy

In the unusual location of the congress and conference center of AXICA Berlin in the house of the DZ bank on September 13th and 14th 2020 in exclusive framework approximately around Thomas Sattelberger, MdB, masterminds and visionaries exchanged themselves not far from the Brandenburger gate in Berlin, in order to work together on new ideas for the future of the social market economy. This strategy meeting as well as the Dinner on the eve was coined/shaped by intensive discussions of the present representatives from science, economics and politics, which discussed new ways for an active organization of the future basic conditions of our world.

RETHINK IT | Stuttgart | September 09 and 10, 2020

The Future of Cybersecurity & The Future of Software Development

The two-day session at the invitation of the AEB in Stuttgart in September 2020 dealt with the topics "The Future of Cybersecurity", especially with regard to financial service providers, and "The Future of Software Development". Experts such as Rachid El Bansarkhani and Nicolas Mayencourt provided insights into the threats we will face as a result of the quantum age and the increasing interconnectedness through the "Internet of Things" and how companies can combat cyber crime. James Hoefnagels presented the 2b AHEAD future study on this topic. The second session focused on low code and how companies can position their teams in the face of increasing software demand. Here Markus Meißner, host and managing director of AEB, Torben Daudistel and Markus Bernhart from Necara as well as Markus Mayer from mendix gave exciting insights into their platforms. Jan Berger, CEO of 2b AHEAD then presented the first results of the software study.

Rethink Retail | Zoom | June 24th 2020

The Future of Brands - virtual session

The first results of the study "The Future of Brands" were presented in June 2020 in a virtual format by Director of Research, Julia Lampert. The study focuses on the development of brands through the influence of new technologies. Brands today assume three basic functions: They offer customers orientation in the information overload of our digital world; they create trust in times of increased uncertainty and they enable an emotional connection, an individual experience or transfer their value as a status symbol to their users.

A World Beyond HR | Leipzig | November 20 and 21, 2019

Human Digital Teams

In November, thought leaders of the ThinkTank HR met in Leipzig for a session. The strategy session focused on human-digital teams and was characterized by intensive debates. 
Jan Berger opened the two days and was pleased to welcome numerous faces from our partner advisory boards and leading representatives of the German economy. 

Rethink IT | Berlin | October 23rd 2019

The Future of Quantumcomputing

Almost one hundred years after the discovery that quantum mechanics governs the inner life of the world, mankind is now on the threshold of using its power for practical purposes. During the first quantum revolution, scientists discovered that the rules of physical reality were far removed from those assumed by classical scholars, calling into question their understanding of what is possible.

Rethink Financial Services | Mittweida | October 16 and 17, 2020

Financial Services 2030

This session was characterized by an international and therefore very diverse exchange. With experts from Finland, Israel, and the USA, we were able to provide an insight into global trends in the financial sector. We would like to thank the speakers who shared their long experience and knowledge about future developments with us.

Rethink Financial Services | Leipzig | May 14 and 15, 2019

The Future of Financial Services

The presentation of the new study "Rethink Financial Services" took place during a two-day ThinkTank Session in Leipzig. Experts such as Dan Jeffries, Lior Zaks from Israel, Werner Kräutlein and Prof. Dr. rer. oec. Alexander Knauer gave presentations on topics such as distributed ledger technology, block chain, financial automation and optimization tools as well as the possibilities of local financial innovation hubs. These innovative approaches provided for stimulating and enriching debates among the participants.