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The 2b AHEAD ThinkTank is Germany's most innovative think tank and Europe's largest independent futures research institute. Our mission is to infuse influential companies with our understanding of the future world and in doing so shape the future of the European economy.

Future is no coincidence. It is shaped by people who have great visions, money, power and the ability to turn their ideas into reality. This is why we only interview the most qualified experts for our futures studies. We are not a trend agency. Instead, we question the motives of the pioneers and thought leaders whose decisions influence the future. To gain knowledge, we use scientific methods from empirical social research and futures research. As futures researchers, we delve deep into the structures and relationships that shape the future and thus have a comprehensive understanding of what the world will look like in 10 years.

Team Foresight

The 2b AHEAD Foresight consists of experts in various fields. Our backgrounds are as diverse as the topics we deal with every day. Our different experiences and perspectives enable us to guarantee high quality work.

Jan Berger

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Jan Berger is 2b AHEAD’s CEO and Managing Director of our sister company 2b AHEAD Ventures. His current focus at 2b AHEAD lays in growing and developing our ThinkTank Universe – a body of industry and topical ThinkTanks that investigates economic, technological, political and social drivers for change. Based on these analyses, he develops long-term strategies for and together with corporate clients. He’s a sought-after sparring partner and public speaker advising executives how to steer their businesses into a valuable future.

Through years of research and consulting activities, Jan has gained an in-depth knowledge in the financial, mobility, energy, IT and food industries. While he’s an avid reader on a wide variety of technological topics, his eyes shine bright when he detects an opportunity to implement a technology today with the potential of long-term change to the better of mankind. His current area of research focuses on the future of work. Distinct from idealistic notions of “New Work”, Jan researches how the interaction between human beings and technology will change the character of work as such, structures in corporations and repercussions on organizational systems. He is a proponent of longevity and a member of the Party for Health Research (Partei für Gesundheitsforschung). He detests superficiality and likes a good argument.

Jan has lived and worked on four continents. He has held management positions in corporations and startups. His professional backgrounds are in publishing, real estate, IT and finance. He holds an MA in modern Russian history and is a Slavic linguist.

Two statements guide his everyday work at 2b AHEAD: “Future doesn’t ‘happen’ – it is being created.” and “You can only understand the world to the extent that you try to change it.”

Carina Stöttner

Curator ThinkTanks
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Having lived in seven different European cities so far, Carina has not only gained a large network of people, but above all a deep understanding of intercultural interaction and the development of Europe in the digital era. She has already worked in the aviation industry, in the communications sector and in academia. As a sociologist with a focus on digitisation and communication, she loves the various possibilities that the digital world offers for all of our futures. In this context, she has focused on the implementation of culture in artificial intelligence. While she used to work on the processing of historical documents, she is now turning to the future at 2b AHEAD.

Curating the 2b AHEAD ThinkTanks, she uses her experience to share the knowledge of 2b AHEAD with everyone in the ThinkTank universe to prepare them for a future in the digital age. You can listen to her in the science podcast PLANET FUTURE, in which she interviews top experts on how the future is shaping up for us.

Julia Lampert

Director of Research
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Julia is a futurologist through and through. As one of the first doctoral students in futurology ever, she is researching the future prospects of Jerusalem for the year 2060 and the long-term developments of the Middle East conflict at the Institut Futur at the FU Berlin. Even before she received her doctorate, the topic of the future was already determining her life. She completed a master's degree in futurology and worked at the AIT, the Austrian Institute of Technology in the Foresight Team before moving to the Middle East. Today, after many years abroad, she is back in Berlin to prepare her disputation. 


As a researcher at 2b AHEAD, Julia loves to break through linear thinking and to identify the overarching drivers for futures. By working on a variety of topics such as AI, autonomous driving and the mobility of the future, as well as human-digital teams, but also Blockchain and the social market economy of the future, Julia has developed an eye for the big picture. Her ability to identify and link long-term developments on a macro level is a great added value for us, especially because of the diverse industries that 2b AHEAD works with. 

James Hoefnagels

Senior Researcher, Strategist
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As a Canadian living in Germany, James has an outsider perspective which offers different ways of thinking and working. Holding a Master of Public Policy and specializing in International Affairs and International Political Economy, James has a deep understanding of international structural developments.


Before 2b AHEAD, James was a Junior Associate at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and as an external consultant for the European Centre for International Political Economy, already dealing with a variety of projects regarding the future, such as the future of work and the future of healthcare.

Since joining 2b AHEAD as a Researcher, he works on understanding future developments and providing strategic recommendations on how to best prepare for possible futures. James not only conducts futures research but also develops strategy sessions for clients. His current work includes a focus on financial services and agricultural economy.

Monika Brockhaus

Senior Researcher
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As a researcher at 2b AHEAD, Monika is broadly based and fascinated by the forward-thinking potential that the work on each new study reveals. She pays particular attention to the interactions between the economy and society and the resulting scope for design and future impulses. Her previous research in the field of security enriches the Foresight team's diversity of perspectives as does her practical experience in innovation management.

Monika received her master's degree in inter- and transdisciplinary futures research at the FU Berlin. Influenced by her previous studies in social sciences, she has a particular passion for the methods of social research on which foresight is based. Her open, culturally broad and exploratory vision of what can be developed has been acquired privately in her search for the "perfect wave". Over the years, she has explored Australia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Morocco and other countries with her surfboard.

Jacqueline Zimmermann

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Jacqueline enriches the Foresight team's future research with the perspective of a science economist. In addition, her interest in developments in society as a whole also directs her researcher's view. After her double master's degree in Halle and Milan and various practical experiences in business enterprises, she is now also developing her research in her spare time: She is currently doing her doctorate on the topic of Discourse Failure & Gender at the Wittenberg Center for Ethics while working part-time. Yoga and jogging provide her with balance and fill her energy tank.

At 2b AHEAD she is currently working on the think tank study "Future of Professional Education". Her colleagues appreciate her sharp and nonconformist thinking to get to the bottom of questions. On her personal wish list for 2b AHEAD projects is a study on the future of competition.

Josefin Gräf


Sophia Blochowitz

Scientific associate
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Sophia is a cultural scientist with a special interest in the economic and cultural perspectives in futurology. After intensive experiences abroad in Hong Kong and the USA, she is currently expanding her academic field of competence with a Master in International Area Studies. She is a versatile and passionate dancer - ballet and swing dance - and has consequently developed skills that are also the quality cornerstones of her work at 2b AHEAD: discipline, creativity and enthusiasm.


In the Foresight Team, she is very successfully using these skills for one of the keys to our research: to identify the most outstanding masterminds for our future studies worldwide and to gain them as interview partners who, with their current initiatives, are setting the course for our world of the future. One of her current projects she has worked on is our Corona trend analysis and the Future of Brands study.


Jan David Ott

Research Consultant & Enablement Coach
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Jan has the wide view of a true generalist: he studied Romance languages and North American history in Germany, France and the USA. His second degree at the Bucerius Law School Hamburg took him to Morocco. After his state law exam, he gained experience as a change manager and trained as an intercultural mediator. From this he further developed his expertise as an HR trainer in the areas of leadership, change, decision making and conflict management. These practical experiences and, not least, his work stays in Great Britain and Russia in recent years have shaped his interest in futurology: how people can master the transformations of the future both privately and professionally, on the one hand as an "imposed" challenge, and on the other hand as an individually motivating opportunity to shape the future.
In the 2b AHEAD Foresight Team Jan supports as a wingman and gives development impulses as an enablement coach. He is currently participating in the Think Tank studies "The Future of Professional Education" and "The Future of the Social Market Economy".

Norbert Hillinger

Senior Associate
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Norbert studied journalism and corporate communications at the FH Joanneum in Graz, but soon after his studies he realized that he wanted to apply his passion for asking questions and questioning statements not in a professional career as a journalist but in the world of trend and future research.

After completing his studies, the Austrian-born journalist worked for seven years in various functions for the trend research company TrendONE in Berlin before becoming an independent innovation consultant in 2013, working for companies in the financial services, retail, health and entertainment sectors.

Norbert co-founded the New Work Start-Up Playroom in Vienna and as a networker is intensively involved with new technologies and business models in a digitalized and networked world. 

Driven by the desire to always talk to primary sources, i.e. the future makers worldwide, he expands the expert network of 2b AHEAD as Senior Associate and connects the members of the ThinkTank Universe with the global innovation elite.

Uwe Buddrus

Senior Research Fellow
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Uwe has many years of experience as shareholder, managing director and senior consultant in various international companies for market research and consulting.

He uses his analytical skills to generate information from data that enables intelligent deductions. His core competence lies in structuring complex facts and making them more comprehensible. Within the scope of his activities, Uwe was, for example, significantly involved in the development of the Continuity of Care Maturity Model of HIMSS. This model is used to measure progress in the development of sustainable and future-oriented healthcare systems.

Since June 2015, Uwe has devoted himself to the development of models for measuring and calculating the use and benefits of information technology in the health care system. In this context, he is currently working for software manufacturers as well as in the context of a cooperation between the German industry association bvitg and the union of employed physicians (Marburger Bund).

Uwe brings his many years of experience as a research and consulting professional to the team by playing a key role in the development of concepts, quality standards and products.

Rainer Herzog

Senior Associate
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Rainer has many years of international experience in the healthcare industry. During his career, he has successfully built up new business areas and has thus been able to achieve long-term market success and develop new economic potential for companies. Rainer is an experienced manager, especially in the fields of life sciences, medical technology and digital health. He can draw on an extensive international network of decision-makers, opinion leaders and leaders from politics, industry, research and education.

Rainer began his career at Roche Diagnostics as a product manager for laboratory diagnostics in France and subsequently became head of international marketing for cardiology at Schwarz Pharma AG in Monheim. After joining Ericsson, the Swedish telecom equipment supplier, Rainer was responsible for the development and management of the company's "Digital Health" division.

For HIMSS (Health Information Management System Society), Rainer initially worked as Managing Director Europe, later becoming General Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Rainer studied European Business Management in London and Reutlingen and lives in Munich.

Jeremy Beckers

Community Manager, Producer
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Jeremy is an expert in digital media production. As a media enthusiast and digital nomad, his path led him through many areas of digital design and visual communication at a very young age. From the design of various digital and print products to photography and video production, he gained experience in many different ways, which he now brings to his work on a daily basis. He has trained his voice as a voiceover artist before and now makes it available to 2b AHEAD in the podcast PLANET FUTURE. Jeremy's greatest talent is not only to find the latest digital tools, but to apply them directly for us. In this way, we can not only guarantee a structured processing of our knowledge, but also provide it in an aesthetic way. His creative work gives the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank a unique appearance.

For Jeremy, there are three purposes in life that inspire him day after day and drive him forward. The first is the creative, which allows him to go through the world with open eyes and discover many small details that remain hidden for other people. Second is the social aspect, which is elementary for him for the daily stress-free cooperation with people. Third is the vision of the future of life-enhancing technologies and living together in our society, which he wants to shape actively. 

Daniel Jeffries

Director of the 2b AHEAD Practical AI Ethics Program
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Daniel Jeffries is an author, engineer, futurist and public speaker. His advanced technology blog on Medium boasts more than 50,000 followers and his articles have been read by more than five million people over the last two years.  For more than a decade he ran his own infrastructure consulting company, building scalable early SaaS services, and for the last ten years he’s worked at open source pioneer Red Hat, where he helped bootstrap the AI Initiative Leadership team (ILT).  He’s one of only three field representatives for the AI ILT, meeting with data science teams at customers all over the world. We’re proud that Dan strengthens the 2b AHEAD team.

In 2019, Dan joined forces with data science pioneer Pachyderm as Chief Technology Evangelist and became Director of the 2b AHEAD Practical AI Ethics Program.

Advisory Council

Dr. Marc Achhammer

Group Director Operations at Katek SE Group

Dr. Marc Achhammer holds a doctorate in particle physics and a master's degree in philosophy (Magister). He has many years of international experience in the IT and telecommunications industry in the areas of operations, M&A, R&D, sales, service and portfolio management. He held leading management positions at Siemens/Gigaset, Sagemcom and Unify, where he successfully built up new business areas. After working as COO and Managing Director at B2X Care Solutions, he has been the Group Director Operations (COO) of the Katek Group since 2019. The KATEK Group is one of the leading electronics service providers in Europe and covers the entire service spectrum of the life cycle of electronic assemblies and devices.

Philipp Hammans

Futurist, Technology and Innovation enthusiast and Trend expert

Philipp Hammans is a technology and innovation enthusiast and futurist at Dennemeyer Consulting in Munich. He has a long (> 15 years) international track record in the field of IP, IPR, technology and innovation management, which he has gathered in various sectors and industries.
Philipp holds a degree in engineering, economics and law (M.Eng., M.Bus., Pat.Eng., LL.M.) and is a trained M&A, process and project manager as well as qualified in innovation psychology.

Dr. Andreas Schobert

Board member at Hornbach Baumarkt AG

Boris Tawakkoli, CFA

Managing Partner at MosFirst

Boris Tawakkoli has been involved in venture capital and innovation in science and practice for more than 20 years. His passion is working with start-ups. As Managing Partner and founder of MosFirst, he has many years of experience as a mentor and consultant to start-ups in various industries. His focus is on business development, international expansion and venture capital financing. He has also accompanied several established companies in the design and implementation of open innovation programs.

Boris is an active member of renowned business angel networks and a dedicated bridge builder of the start-up ecosystems between Western and Eastern Europe. Among other things, he is a member of the board of the CFA Association (Russia) and a member of the Innovation Council of SAP C.I.S.


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