Who we are

Our mission is to infuse influential companies with our understanding of the future world and in doing so shape the future of the European economy.

The 2b AHEAD ThinkTank is Germany's most innovative think tank and Europe's largest independent futures research institute.

Team Foresight

Future is no coincidence. It is shaped by people who have great visions, money, power and the ability to turn their ideas into reality. This is why we only interview the most qualified experts for our futures studies. We are not a trend agency. Instead, we question the motives of the pioneers and thought leaders whose decisions influence the future. To gain knowledge, we use scientific methods from empirical social and futures research. As futures researchers, we delve deep into the structures and relationships that shape the future and thus have a comprehensive understanding of what the world will look like in 10 years.

Jan Berger


Norbert Hillinger


Julia Lampert

Director of Research

James Hoefnagels

Senior Researcher / Strategist

Carina Stöttner

Research & Content Strategist

Jan David Ott

Research Consultant & Enablement Coach

Stefan Raß

Senior Researcher

Jacqueline Zimmermann


Luca Marie Tjaden

Research Assistant

Sophia Blochowitz

Research Assistant

James Jeremy Beckers


Katharina Fischer

Community & Event Manager

Sophie Langwald

Network Operations Foresight

Advisory Board

Our team is accompanied by an advisory board with experts from a wide range of industries, who provide support and advice on the company's development and the continuous expansion of our services. The experts are thought leaders and collaborate to positively shape the future of the economy in the GSA (DACH) region. The tasks of our advisory board is to continuously review our products and services and to support us as a mentor.


Daniel Jeffries

Director of the 2b AHEAD Practical AI Ethics Program

Uwe Buddrus

Senior Research Fellow

Rainer Herzog

Senior Associate

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