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As a business think tank and futures research institute, we support influential stakeholders in the DACH economy with our comprehensive understanding of the future.

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Tomorrowing Your Business.

Our knowledge is based on intensive research. As a future research institute and business think tank, we offer you a knowledge advantage. Many decisions are made very differently when you know what the world of the future will look like. We change your perspective on the future. Developing a realistic picture of the future is the first step towards making your company future-proof. We help to understand paradigm shifts. This can lead to thoughts about the future that you have not yet thought about. We ensure the transfer of knowledge for strategy development. Because the acquired knowledge can only work if it gets into the minds, discussion groups and strategies of companies. Our partners are part of one of the largest European innovation networks and gain a comprehensive understanding of the world of the future and how to prepare for it.

  • ThinkTanks

    The ThinkTank Universe is a platform for far-sighted, forward thinkers and managers who want to exchange ideas with like-minded people and leading experts on future trends and technologies and think about how they can position their company for the future in the long term. 2bAHEAD's wealth of knowledge originates here. This is where the topics, issues and research design of our future studies are defined. The answers to the core question ‘What does a future trend, a technological development mean for my company?’

    Our members are not only part of a large business network, but also gain a comprehensive understanding of the world of the future and how they can prepare for it. On the basis of our research, we enable our think tank members to gain a knowledge advantage by giving them advance access to our studies, bring them up to date in regular meetings at strategy sessions, network members with experts and also offer them the opportunity to engage in individual exchange with us in the form of sparring or workshops. A detailed description of this can be found in our concept.

  • Studies

    Understanding the future

    For each of our industry and topic specific ThinkTanks we prepare one so-called Delphi study per year. These are studies in which about 20 experts are interviewed in two waves of interviews. Our experts are shaping the future and have great visions, money, power, and the ability to implement their ideas. We find these people in our innovation network of 1,500 innovation leaders and in the innovation centres of the world.

    Futures studies:

    • The Future of Software Development
    • The Future of Cybersecurity
    • The Future of the Social Market Economy
    • The Future of Brands
  • Strategy Meetings

    Before publishing our research results, we bring together corporate leaders in the DACH region with like-minded people and experts. In these strategy sessions, the participants reflect, evaluate, select, and work on real challenges to return to their companies with viable solutions. International guest speakers provide impulses for possible starting points.

    Three or four of the experts involved in the study are invited to each strategy session to outline the most interesting aspects of the study and be asked more detailed questions. The sessions enable the participants to contribute their perspectives, questions, fields of knowledge and approaches to solutions to our research. The discussions often result in new thematic focuses for future studies.

    Strategy meetings are held once a year for each ThinkTank. They are limited to a total of 30 persons. Members of the ThinkTank Universe are guaranteed a place in each session. The meetings last one and a half days to allow sufficient time and space for discussions with the experts, exchange of ideas and the development of strategy recommendations.

  • Strategy Sparring

    In strategy sparring you can test, discuss, and develop your thoughts, ideas, experiences, solutions, concepts, and plans for strategic decisions or challenges with Jan Berger as your sparring partner.  

    Our strategy sparring offers you exchange, inspiration, muse, reality test, security, validation, and future knowledge. The focus is on ‘training’ the specific topic through a direct, open, and effective discussion of the content in a protected and discrete context.

  • Knowledge Transfer Workshop

    Get a comprehensive understanding of the future

    In the one-day Knowledge Transfer Workshop, the knowledge generated in our future studies is processed in a targeted manner, using recognised methods, to develop specific implications and derive feasible options for action for your company.

  • Strategy Consulting

    Our consulting services allow you to delve deeper into strategic aspects or additional questions regarding our future studies in your company-specific context.

    The format is suitable for:

    • Developing specific future pictures and scenarios for your company
    • Conducting a focused future analysis on a specific topic
    • Investigating concrete strategic questions for your company and industry from a future study
  • Practical AI Ethics Program

    Applied AI Ethics with Daniel Jefferies, Chief Technical Evangelist at Pachyderm Inc

    Artificial intelligence decisions are becoming increasingly important in companies. However, an increased usage of AI also requires an engagement with ethical issues - the establishment of an ethics committee is obvious, but often leads in the wrong direction. The problem of many algorithms lies in their data sets, which due to their history do not take into account the current code of ethics and, moreover, do not correspond to the values of the corporate business model. The workshop (in English) with expert Daniel Jeffries raises awareness of value-based AI, identifies processes of data collection, and creates understanding of how algorithms use this data in decision making. The focus is on building a consistent AI ethics program for companies that can be effectively implemented and, due to its adaptability, executed sustainably.


Currently we offer two thematic workshops in addition to our individual services.

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