Strategy consulting

In our knowledge transfer workshop, the knowledge generated in our future studies is specifically used to develop special implications and to derive actionable options for your company.

Our advisory services enable you to deepen information on certain aspects or additional questions relating to our futures studies in your specific context. We stay on a strategic level and focus thematically on delimited specific futurology questions that do not justify a large-scale, comprehensive future study.


Why strategy consulting?

The format is suitable for example to: 

  • develop specific future images and scenarios for your company;

    1. Where do we position ourselves in the field of tension between mass and individualization, traditional and future business models?
    2. What will our market look like in the future?
  • carry out a focused trend analysis on a specific topic;

    1. What role does a certain future technology play for us?
    2. What effects does a certain future technology have for us?
    3. Who are new entrants and competitors in our market?
  • investigate specific strategic questions that arise for your company / industry from a future study, e.g.

    1. What does full automation mean for us in terms of technology, personnel, processes?
    2. What role will the brand and brand management play for us in the future?